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I worked in an office for over 4 years then decided to take my show on the road as a freelancer. I enjoyed the creative freedom and learned a lot about how to run a business. After a few years on my own I miss being part of a team. So now it's time to get an office job again!

I excel in flash animation, my dream has always been to have my work seen by the world. What better way than on the web? Away from my computer I have many hobbies. I just recently went ice skating with my son. I enjoy fishing, and lying on the boat staring at the sky. More activly, I can be spotted playing tennis on a nice spring day. Less actively? Talking to my beta fish "Protocol" when he's feeling social.


Where Are you from?

Springfield Massachusetts, After years of living in the cold I am now in the great state of Florida


Previous Residence

MA, NewYork, Connecticut, Maryland and now I live in the Sunshine State.


What do you do for fun?

I like to draw free hand, both digitally and on paper, using Prisma Color Premiers.
when I'm in AI I like to use my wacom bamboo. Click below to see some of my free hand art.

Deviant Art Gallery


I enjoy designing wraps on my PS4

Some of these take hours and even days to design. When I'm not at my desk I may be spotted sitting in front of my Playstation designing my fastest car.Click below to see some of my favorits

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